New Moon in Scorpio October 30th: Inner Transformation

The bogeyman is every child’s worst nightmare – and a fear tactic that parents would use to scare their children into being good little boys or girls.  The bogeyman hides in dark closets, underneath beds and in the air vents and only comes out when the lights are turned off.  If you are brave enough to open a closet door and check underneath your bed – you will see that there really is nothing there.  The big fears that overwhelm us aren’t as terrifying and large when you shine a light on them.

This upcoming New Moon in Scorpio is the perfect time to face the inner bogeyman – to look into those inner secret hiding places we don’t want to look and shine some light.   Scorpio is the queen of Transformation and doing deep inner work.  Scorpio is ruled by Mars and in Aries, Mars takes outer action, while in Scorpio there is a desire to taken inner action – to purge the shadow and evolve some aspect of ourselves.

The new Moon is the beginning of a lunar cycle that begins in darkness.  It is a highly intuitive time perfect for seeding new something.  Scorpio is a fixed water sign  and desires more intimacy, connection, power and responsibility.  This energy supports digging deep and focusing your energy on one main problem and probe a little deeper into the mysterious depths.

What are you most afraid of?  How intense is your fear?  What are you telling yourself about this fear?  Where do you feel this in your body?  Follow this emotion and let it speak to you – are you telling yourself that you aren’t worthy enough?  That you don’t matter?  That the world is a dangerous place?  That you are unlovable? Stupid? Wrong? Unattractive?  That you can’t trust anyone?  Are you telling yourself that you can’t change and are powerless?

Once you determine what your thought patterns are around this fear – challenge the evidence and then find a more balanced interpretation.  If you’re interested in diving even deeper, I suggest a superb book by Erin Olivo, Wise Mind Living: Master Your Emotions, Transform Your Life a perfect gift to yourself during this Scorpio season.

Our negative emotions are perfectly normal  – we will be prone to negative emotions – it is not ‘unspiritual’ to be emotionally triggered – it happens.  It is what we do (our actions or lack of actions) once we have those emotions where we run into problems.

With Venus conjunct Saturn we have a seriousness that lends itself to this new moon – and it’s in Sagittarius a sign that is not used to limitation and the straight and narrow.   That’s the lesson – how much energy do you have to expend?  How much partying can you do?  How much spending?  Sagittarius is a mutable sign and so we are working on adjusting and adapting to new beliefs and philosophies around where we are prone to excess.

Seriousness is enough to trigger some people into a mild depression – when we are face-to-face with our shadow elements – we are not feeling joyful and ready to face the day.  Are you able to hold off on that joy for just a little while until you pull those roots out and feel like a new person?

Pluto is assisting this journey and kind of like a tour guide – saying – hey, let me take you on a tour of all your deeply rooted issues – and let’s choose which one to work on – this also lends itself to ease and psychic vibes to open up and let go of what no longer services us.  Neptune is in an easy aspect to the new moon – just be careful that we aren’t deluding ourselves about our goals or habits – the psychic waves can open.

So is this a negative or positive new moon?  How can fear, shadow and bad feelings be positive?  It’s really a matter of perspective – if you face your negative emotions – you reduce the amount of emotional charge (emotions do subside over time like a wave).  If you don’t, usually our thought process keeps the negativity alive and if we don’t feel comfortable with those darker feelings – abandon them in favor of more positive emotions – we bury our darkness within.  It’s like sweeping dirt under a rug.  You don’t see the dirt – it doesn’t mean it isn’t there doing damage.

The transformational perspective is to let go of what we think is negative or positive and just be here, totally present and alive to this moment – a so very Scorpio thing to be.

Now Mars and Pluto are conjunct in Capricorn square Jupiter and Uranus.  Jupiter’s beliefs and philosophy are conflicting with the status quo and power plays are likely – or perhaps our desire to change and transform old beliefs are coming up against some friction.  Uranus shocks us and ignites some unexpected anxiety.

The best thing to do is keep a cool head and listen to your intuition.

Happy Transformation!

Re-aligning ourselves to nature season by season and sign by sign —

The only constant in this world, the only thing we can depend upon, is change.  We experience change on a daily, monthly, and quarterly basis with the fluctuation of light and dark, hot and cold, barren and abundant – The earth is breathing life through its cycles just as we breathe air into our bodies.

Our inner lives are deeply interconnected to the changing of the seasons.  As within, so without.   As above, so below.

You already knew that.  You just forgot.  Our attention is so focused on the outer that we stray from the inner – we then want to reach out to the heavens and transcend our physical reality – before we understand what it’s like to be a human in this physical body in this 3rd dimensional plane of reality.

This 3rd dimension is just as spiritual as 5th dimension – the only difference is perspective.  You still need a physical body as you evolve –

Let’s continue —

Every season holds the promise of a new beginning (Cardinal) that we strengthen and unify through the fixed seasons.  When we reach the mutable seasons we take what we have strengthened and unified and we tweak it, organize it, improve it – as we prepare for another new beginning.

The elements also play a part in this cyclical change.  Fire and Air are the masculine qualities of Aquarius, Gemini, Libra, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius – these modalities project outward and upward.  The water and earth signs, Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio are the feminine qualities that reflect downward and within.

The Zodiac begins with Aries

Ah!  Aries energy pulsates and forces its way into our lives just like springtime.   It’s time to plant our seeds and plow the fields.  It takes up a good amount of our energy to do this.  We must not be afraid to use our strength and forceful qualities – we have to eat – right? We are learning how to prepare for life – for the year ahead.  Daylight is increasing and we want more freedom and independence.  We are pushing our energy into the world with the element of fire.

We can only push for so long – before we need to hone those skills, continue to care for the seeds we’ve planted so that they will thrive – a consistency to our tasks – to continue and prepare the crops for the eventual harvest.  The land is ripe and fertile as we move into Taurus – this fixed, stable, wealthy sign is ruled by Venus, the goddess of love and fertility.  We honor Venus through the ritual of May Day – and mating with our beloveds.  It’s a sensual time connecting with the fecundity of the earth – daylight is greater and still increasing — we want our values to match our actions.

As we move into Gemini, daylight is continuing to increase and is greater so we spend even more time outdoors – we are in a mutable sign and acclimatizing to the growth – and we are excited to share to anyone who will listen.  We want to celebrate and exchange ideas – for the sake of doing so (Mercury ruling Gemini in its projective quality).

The Summer Solstice is a time of new beginnings – the beginning of summer and the longest day of the year.  Nighttime increases and daylight is greater.  Cancer rules the beginning of summer —   School is out and we are spending more time with water – going to the lake, swimming in pools or going to the beach.  We want to belong more with others and make commitments– Cancer is all about emotional security and motherhood – so we are connecting to the source that gives us life – our family.  There is this inner connection we begin to have with the world around us.

We want to take this inner connection and incorporate that into our daily lives with those we like to play with.   We want to linger and languor like Lions – we want to maintain summer for as long as we possibly can (fixed) before we go back to work and school.  Most of Europe vacations during August – the crops are ripening. We don’t want to lose our individuality as we strive to belong and make commitments.

We can’t lay around forever; we need have work to do!

Fall is coming – Virgo is here – ruled by Mercury, the inner, reflective manifestation of Mercury.  This mutable quality allows us to separate ‘the wheat from the chaff’ so to speak.  We use that Virgo discernment to determine what we keep that is useful and what we throw away.

School has started and we are adjusting to our new schedule – we might take on more hours at work so we can have more money for the upcoming holiday.  Nighttime is increasing and daylight is still greater – and we want to commit even more to spending every last moment we can in the sun and nature before we retire early and spend more time inside with others.

When Libra approaches darkness is increasing and nighttime is greater – there is a push toward winter preparations and taking midterm exams.  Venus rules Libra here and as nighttime is increasing we are moving toward more intimacy and sharing.  Who wants to sit inside alone during winter months?  Not the Libra!

Scorpio wants a warm body to snuggle up to (is snuggle the right word for Scorpio intimacy?).  It’s also the time when nighttime is continuing to increase and the days are much shorter.  The veil between worlds is thin.  We celebrate Scorpio with Halloween — We are in touch with this spirit world as we pay respects to our ancestors.  Scorpio is a fixed sign ruled by Mars so we do more inner purging of all that no longer serves us so that we can transform and be reborn (Scorpio’s gift!).  Pluto has been given secondary rulership over Scorpio – to further drive the point home that we are going deep within our darkness to find the light.  We want more intimacy with one another!

We have gone deep and purged and we want to shine our light with others –through the mutable fire sign of Sagittarius.  The winter solstice is right around the corner, Christmas and New Year’s not far away – we are becoming excited again and we want to celebrate.  Usually around Thanksgiving, we start to decorate our homes and the city officials decorate the town with lights – we gather as a community for the lighting ceremony.

Jupiter rules Sagittarius –we have learned something about our journey to the underworld and what will not serve us as we move forward into a new year.  We want to celebrate this light and party harty with everyone!  Nighttime is still greater and continuing to increase — and we still want involvement with others — and yet just a bit more freedom than Scorpio is comfortable with.

It makes sense that Saturn is upon us with the ushering in of Capricorn and the Winter Solstice.  We just spent too much money on gifts, ate too much food over the holidays and now we want to make our New Year’s commitment to exercising more and losing weight (as well as saving money and working longer hours to make up for what we spent).  The energy of Saturn wants to restrict and the cardinal modality wants to push that restriction and structure of commitment.  We want more freedom while we maintain responsibility.

As daylight increases, we mold these new commitments we’ve made into the fixed sign of Aquarius.  We are changing, the weather is about to change – college courses resume, we are looking forward to what the future may hold with new ideas (air) and communications with others – if we’ve been holed up inside due to the cold – we want to socialize and be with others.  We want to share what we’ve learned over the winter months.

We are ready to open our hearts and connect back into the world through Pisces – we feel like we’ve been through this before – so we feel like old souls returning, adjusting to what we have learned and preparing for a new beginning.  Snow is melting into water, we are walking around in slush – before we begin again, we are reflecting upon the whole year and continuing to purge that which we haven’t already let go of – for if we do not – we are sure to deceive and delude ourselves.  This is really the season of letting everything go —

Aries will insist upon it.


Thank you for reading!

What connections do you see with the zodiac and the seasons?  What do you do to tune into nature?  Please tell us in the comments —


Sun in Leo


When a planet is in the element that it rules that energy is more likely fulfill its role. That is the case with Sun in Leo.

The expression of this sunlight through Leo is fixed fired.  Leo is determined, consistent, proud and active – when a Leo sets their heart on a goal – they will be very consistent and determined to complete that goal.   This can be good and not so good – when someone is fixed on something they can hold on for far too long past the expiration date and burn themselves out.

If there is not enough activity to hold their attention they could get bored – and move on to something else to fix their attention on.

So, a Leo would best be suited to a goal that has some creativity to it – that has something that can really hold their attention in which they can shine and go after it.  This is the projective quality of the masculine fire – the energy will be expressed outwardly – just like the Sun itself.

Now, when you look at all the other planets, you will see that they all have a duality to them – a masculine and feminine quality.   The Sun (and the Moon) are not dual in its intrinsic nature – The Sun is always masculine and therefore projective and the Moon is always feminine and therefore reflective—it’s a beautiful dance between the natural expression of the Sun and the Moon.

All the planets bow to the Sun – this is why the Sun represents royalty.  There is a noble quality to the Sun in Leo.

During the summer months, the Sun is shining its brightest.  The sun is seen by all and there is this playful and lazy quality we express during the summer months.  We lay out in the sun, we go to the beach or the pool or run through the sprinklers – and when we are young – we love staying up late because we don’t have to get up early in the morning.

Just like Aries, Leo wants the freedom to express oneself – and to form their own opinions and be independent.  They are accused of being selfish and egotistical.  The Sun isn’t ego – Mars is ego; the Sun is the soul –

The difference between Aries and Leo is that Leo wants to belong more – they want to maintain their individual status and yet they want to belong —  so you might see a Leo showing off something of importance – to belong.  They might try to steal the show – not because they want to steal your light – because they are leaders and want to step in to show you how it’s done.

Leo wants more commitment and not lose their royal status, so to speak.

The lesson for Leo is to learn to let others shine their light.  Um, that’s what we’re here to do and Leo might forget that part – not on purpose – they’re just busy shining on – with extreme glory.  This can create jealousy – right Scorpio?

Encourage people to shine their light – no one needs to be center stage all the time.  That only leads to burn out and possible isolation.

What happens when the Sun shines too brightly?  It blinds us –

Leos don’t always need to lead other people – as much as they need to lead themselves.  They are here to be courageous and confident and to fulfill their purpose in this life – in a way that honors their own light and other’s light.  It, then, becomes a win-win situation.

Sun in Leo is “I Will”  — and no doubt, you will.

Thanks for reading!

What is your experience with Sun in Leo?  Do you know someone with a Sun in Leo?  What have you seen or learned about Leo Sun?

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Astrology and Life

The birth chart is a snapshot of the planets positions at the time of your birth – we can call this snapshot the DNA of a momentary position in space and time – a macrocosmic event – that we, then, translate on a microcosmic level by drafting a chart of those planet’s placements.

One could argue the story of these planets – as if they were arguing the validity of the purpose of your birth here on earth.  We could argue the story of how human beings first appeared and then evolved – we could argue your personal story – yet, why do that?  Why argue the story of who you are when you can discover who you are through many different paths and ways – astrology is only one way –  I can share many ways – so the question isn’t what is the right way or the true way as a whole – it is the right or true way that resonates best for you.

So, what about all those laws people keep talking about, like law of attraction and law of polarity and that law and this law – well, it is all a part of a bigger picture and at the same time – a part of the smaller picture.  We might get into that later.

The astrology chart is not WHO you are – it’s the energy you have come to express – or the likelihood or potentiality that you may express your energy in this way or that way.

The greatest gift you have is the gift of choice – we are not just physical beings in a 3rd dimensional reality living moment to moment – we have an awareness of ourselves through space and time – we know we can think positively or negatively – we innately know how to live our best lives – and now we can become aware of the very real ability to choose that life.

We’ve always had choice – we just didn’t know how the abundant amount of freedom we have to do so.  We usually find ourselves locked to certain patterns of a conditioned kind – and then we have our physical body to contend with – which further complicates the equation – so, we use astrology as a tool to understand and guide us to our best selves – not as the self – we all know deep inside who we are and what we want to do – we know our own light.

We can use the planetary system as a guide to understand that –

Are you wanting more freedom and independence?  Do you want to create your own way?  Or do you want more intimacy and connection?  Do you want to share with others and have more responsibility?  Or do you want to move away from responsibility toward more freedom?  Do you want to belong more without losing your individuality?  Are you stubborn or flexible?  Are you more of an action taker?  Are you more focused on yourself or others?

It’s all there in astrology – actually – it’s all there within YOU.

Thanks for reading – and see you soon.

What paths have worked for you?  What is your experience with astrology and conscious evolution?  I look forward to hear your responses!


Sun in Aries


aries-1573435_960_720The purpose each individual expresses has a consciousness behind it that imbues all the individual is to become in this lifetime.

When the sun is in Aries you are here to learn how to become a unique individual with a strong sense of self.  It is important for you to be independent and follow your own voice to listen to the beat of your own drum.  You are the consciousness of courage and self-reliance.  You are here to develop a strong self-identity separate from other people.  This does make you a leader – you lead the way rather than leading others –

Think of the ram that has an amazing sense of balance and can climb rocky ridges – you are a risk-taker. Be careful of the risks you take because you could rush into things without thinking and have to clean up the mess later.

Sun in Aries is a masculine sign – this means that you are exerting your energy outward – just as the sun shines during the day – you are out there in the world taking action in a dynamic, forceful and driven manner – which can also cause you to push your energy onto others or push your SELF onto others.  These ideas and beliefs and expressions are for YOU and you alone to manifest.  This is how you develop yourself as a separate and unique being.  Of course, we have to look at how the other planets are expressing themselves and what their needs are.

As a fire sign you have a lot of energy to burn and can be quite active.

Mars rules Aries – and so there is a passion for action and movement—you can’t sit still. Just as the terrain of Mars is hot and dry – you must take care to not overdo it and become overheated.

You can come across in a brusque or crass manner and one lesson to learn is managing your anger when you don’t get your way – transmute your anger into love – unconditional love — as you are becoming a person who is separate and independent from others it may come as a surprise that other people have their own way so be careful of expecting them to do as you do.    Instead of expecting other people to follow through you need to follow through with your own unique, pioneering ideas – Aries is a maverick – and has the energy in this lifetime to develop that unique spark into the world.

Aries key word is ‘I AM’ – I am a fulfilled, independent, unique and separate individual who thrives in taking dynamic action on his/her pioneering ideas.

The key is to remain secure in your self – and to honor that security and uniqueness in other people.


Thank you for reading –

Is your Sun in Aries? Did you resonate with this? Please respond in the comments and let us hear about your unique experience as a Sun in Aries – is there something you experience that isn’t in the information above?  Please share

Urgency of Purpose

The last few days I have felt an Urgent need to fulfill my purpose.  Am I doing it?  Is it working?  Why am I still in the same rut I was when I last wrote about how to find your purpose?  I’d like to take a closer look at this urgency through the lens of astrology.  It’s a perfect metaphor for diving deeper into self.

Some of this urgency is colored by the recent full moon in Aries — a sign that is all about acting on impulse — Aries is the beginning of spring and the impulse to be outside and run through the fields without wearing shoes — or maybe you’ll do it nude — who cares if anyone is watching?

But purpose — purpose seems to be harder for us to fulfill than it is to identify an impulse — or could that impulse have hidden within it the seed of purpose wanting to fulfill and express itself into the world?

In astrology, the Sun sign you were born under is your purpose in this life.  It is the energy you came here to express – and we can use the Sun and your Sun sign as a metaphor to help explain this.

The Sun is composed of extremely hot gases of up to 10,000 degrees F and its main purpose is to support all life.  The gases intermingle with one another to generate energy that then work its way to the surface.  This energy provides light so we can see all that we can’t see when it’s dark.  The Sun also sustains life through mingling with plants and trees to create photosynthesis. Just as the Sun fulfills its purpose through nature — we individuals fulfill our purpose in a similar fashion — how we express that light will effect those we come into contact with — to assist in the well-being and growth of every individual.

So, the light that shines from you is how you shine your light out in the world.  This light will be at the backdrop of all that you are –

Depending on other factors in your chart — aspects, house and element placements — there may be blocks to expressing that energy — which is all about the lessons we’ve come here to learn —

Back to this urgency of purpose expressing itself — this urgency feels like an impulse — an impulse that a flower bud has right before it is about to burst open — it wants to flower and the petals are stuck —

Is this stuck feeling a sign that you are not ready to blossom?  Or is it that you have been so ready and the stuck feeling is that you haven’t done much about it?

No matter what, your purpose is always shining through — you can’t help but express it in all you do —

How does your Sun express itself?

Stay tuned for more on the Sun signs and their expressions …

Daily Prompt: Urgent