Sun in Aries


aries-1573435_960_720The purpose each individual expresses has a consciousness behind it that imbues all the individual is to become in this lifetime.

When the sun is in Aries you are here to learn how to become a unique individual with a strong sense of self.  It is important for you to be independent and follow your own voice to listen to the beat of your own drum.  You are the consciousness of courage and self-reliance.  You are here to develop a strong self-identity separate from other people.  This does make you a leader – you lead the way rather than leading others –

Think of the ram that has an amazing sense of balance and can climb rocky ridges – you are a risk-taker. Be careful of the risks you take because you could rush into things without thinking and have to clean up the mess later.

Sun in Aries is a masculine sign – this means that you are exerting your energy outward – just as the sun shines during the day – you are out there in the world taking action in a dynamic, forceful and driven manner – which can also cause you to push your energy onto others or push your SELF onto others.  These ideas and beliefs and expressions are for YOU and you alone to manifest.  This is how you develop yourself as a separate and unique being.  Of course, we have to look at how the other planets are expressing themselves and what their needs are.

As a fire sign you have a lot of energy to burn and can be quite active.

Mars rules Aries – and so there is a passion for action and movement—you can’t sit still. Just as the terrain of Mars is hot and dry – you must take care to not overdo it and become overheated.

You can come across in a brusque or crass manner and one lesson to learn is managing your anger when you don’t get your way – transmute your anger into love – unconditional love — as you are becoming a person who is separate and independent from others it may come as a surprise that other people have their own way so be careful of expecting them to do as you do.    Instead of expecting other people to follow through you need to follow through with your own unique, pioneering ideas – Aries is a maverick – and has the energy in this lifetime to develop that unique spark into the world.

Aries key word is ‘I AM’ – I am a fulfilled, independent, unique and separate individual who thrives in taking dynamic action on his/her pioneering ideas.

The key is to remain secure in your self – and to honor that security and uniqueness in other people.


Thank you for reading –

Is your Sun in Aries? Did you resonate with this? Please respond in the comments and let us hear about your unique experience as a Sun in Aries – is there something you experience that isn’t in the information above?  Please share

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