Astrology and Life

The birth chart is a snapshot of the planets positions at the time of your birth – we can call this snapshot the DNA of a momentary position in space and time – a macrocosmic event – that we, then, translate on a microcosmic level by drafting a chart of those planet’s placements.

One could argue the story of these planets – as if they were arguing the validity of the purpose of your birth here on earth.  We could argue the story of how human beings first appeared and then evolved – we could argue your personal story – yet, why do that?  Why argue the story of who you are when you can discover who you are through many different paths and ways – astrology is only one way –  I can share many ways – so the question isn’t what is the right way or the true way as a whole – it is the right or true way that resonates best for you.

So, what about all those laws people keep talking about, like law of attraction and law of polarity and that law and this law – well, it is all a part of a bigger picture and at the same time – a part of the smaller picture.  We might get into that later.

The astrology chart is not WHO you are – it’s the energy you have come to express – or the likelihood or potentiality that you may express your energy in this way or that way.

The greatest gift you have is the gift of choice – we are not just physical beings in a 3rd dimensional reality living moment to moment – we have an awareness of ourselves through space and time – we know we can think positively or negatively – we innately know how to live our best lives – and now we can become aware of the very real ability to choose that life.

We’ve always had choice – we just didn’t know how the abundant amount of freedom we have to do so.  We usually find ourselves locked to certain patterns of a conditioned kind – and then we have our physical body to contend with – which further complicates the equation – so, we use astrology as a tool to understand and guide us to our best selves – not as the self – we all know deep inside who we are and what we want to do – we know our own light.

We can use the planetary system as a guide to understand that –

Are you wanting more freedom and independence?  Do you want to create your own way?  Or do you want more intimacy and connection?  Do you want to share with others and have more responsibility?  Or do you want to move away from responsibility toward more freedom?  Do you want to belong more without losing your individuality?  Are you stubborn or flexible?  Are you more of an action taker?  Are you more focused on yourself or others?

It’s all there in astrology – actually – it’s all there within YOU.

Thanks for reading – and see you soon.

What paths have worked for you?  What is your experience with astrology and conscious evolution?  I look forward to hear your responses!


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