Before you cross the street, look both ways


The Howling Monkey’s throat inflates when they are defending their territory as well as when they are mating.  Their sounds can escalate to ear piercing shrills.

We humans do something similar (throat excluded) when we’re trying to impress someone or when we’re angry.

Can we tell the difference between the two?

Mars in Aquarius and Jupiter in Libra are pushing their ideas of social justice and acting upon it in, quite possibly, peaceful protests.  In air signs we are talking about communication and ideas –

Will we be able to tell the difference between ‘pushing’ one’s ideas out into the world and arguing one’s views?  Think of the difference between an annoying sales person and a hockey player in a heated discussion with the referee – or the difference between the Howling monkey’s shrill vocal antics – mating or defending territory?  Have we learned and understood (Jupiter) how our actions (Mars) create our reality (Saturn)?

Saturn is a player here restricting some of the fun we thought we could have had -if only ‘things’ weren’t so f’d up.  Things won’t get too out of hand —

Sun and Neptune squaring one another – could we be having an existential crisis?  Has our self-esteem taken a bit of a blow?  Or are we jetting off to Hawaii to escape the possible US collapse?  And forgetting that Hawaii is a part of the US?

We may not have all the facts just yet – and it’s okay to say ‘I don’t know’.  Or we can make shit up just to save face.

The Moon traveling through Capricorn is adding a bit of hard work and helps us put our feet on the soil and reality.  Our reality is really about getting the work done so we can enjoy the weekend.

The North Node is steadily pointing in the direction of Virgo – same message at the New Moon — gather your information.  Analyze.  Discern between fact and fiction.  Do some yoga!  Drink a smoothie.  Be critical in a constructive way. Rumination is a sign that your body is doing its due diligence to keep you safe from predators — so instead of ruminate — meditate.

Remember when you were given the rules of how to cross the street?

Stop.  Look both ways. When the coast is clear — Walk.

Maintain awareness –

In other words (and I know you get this — )  Don’t make decisions before you have the facts and your mind is clear.

Let the Echo of this pronouncement become your mantra.


Thank you for reading.

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