New Moon in Virgo – Move forward and don’t move

We have another new moon, guys! What a relief after the messy Full Moon in Pisces. Sort of.
Just when you thought you had all the information you needed to move full-steam ahead — DON’T.  Not yet.

The Full Moon in Pisces brought us a hurricane and a mass exodus out of Florida.  Pisces does this to us — bringing our fears to the surface and we run.  Not that you shouldn’t run when you are in danger — with Virgo in the forefront we have been flooded with information and we now think we have the Glorious answers and we know what to do.

Ask yourself, what in your life were you fleeing from and fleeing toward?  Answering this question will help you see what it is you are seeking with this new moon.

A new Moon is always conjunct the Sun.  The new Moon is dark and using the Sun as a source of energy to charge up.  We are taking in the information we have received and separating what’s useful from what is not useful.  This is Virgo’s task as ruled by Mercury and in a mutable sign.  We use discernment before we take action at the full Moon (not before).

We have a T-Square with Moon and Sun in Virgo opposite Chiron in Pisces conjunct the Mid-Heaven and these three planets square Saturn in Sagittarius.  We know we have a problem and we aren’t quite sure how to proceed — but wait — we do know.  No, wait.  Maybe not.  With the mutable T-Square we think we know what decision to make and then we change our mind again.
It’s Chiron’s fault, really.  We have an emotional wound that’s getting in the way of our decision.  Isn’t it true when our emotions get in the way we tend to make irrational decisions?  The information we’ve received is fogged up (Pisces) by our emotional outlook. –

The point of focus is Saturn in Sagittarius. Saturn is foundation, structure, caution, timing.   These wounded emotions cause us to feel like the structure of our lives is falling apart and we should take fast action to repair it.  Okay, so we don’t have pat answers yet, but we do know what the issue is (that emotional wound being triggered).

Let’s look at the Grand Trine Saturn makes with Uranus in Aries and North Node in Leo.
We’ve got some new energy potential that is causing us a lot of excitement and we want to take action and go for it.  We are certain it is a sure thing.

We still have some healing to do — so take your time over the next two weeks before you decide what you want to do with the information you’ve received.  Use discernment, talk it out.  You’ll be glad you did.

The Full Moon will be in Aries in two weeks and you will be able to make progress at that point.  The cool thing is that when you wait for clarity — you find the gold you seek.

Full Moon in Pisces – Be Still and Know

The culmination of what you began or what started for you at the New Moon Solar eclipse will illuminate itself during this Pisces Full Moon.  Remember, with the Full Moon, we always have an opposition with the Sun. So, there is an opposition taking place between our past and our future, our inner wants and needs with our goals and purpose. It’s that tipping point where we move forward or we hold ourselves back.

When we have the opportunity to move forward,  we are faced with old patterns holding us back.  If we take the time to reframe or resolve these old patterns, we can move forward.  The planetary energy is calling for us to do this with the Pisces Moon and the Pluto in Capricorn sextile.
The Pisces Moon suggests it is a good time to go within and listen to your intuition. Meditate, submerge yourself in water (a pool, a bath, lake, ocean), listen to music, play music.  The point is to disengage the thinking mind which can be a challenge with the Sun in Virgo (Mercury rules Virgo). We want to see what rises to the surface naturally so we know what it is we need to adjust during this opposition of Moon and Sun.

Moon will be conjunct Neptune and Neptune rules dreamy Pisces. This adds to our emotional and intuitive sensitivity that could fuel a fantasy we would like to manifest or believe.  Pisces is also about belief — what will you believe?  Your intuition or a deluded fantasy?  Neptune is retrograde.  So, wait.

Mercury has turned direct and we are still in its shadow as we retrace the steps we just went through. So, wait. Be still.

Pisces is also about compassion and let’s talk a bit about that.

Years ago when I was doing a healing session on a colleague of mine, the topic of compassion came up in the healing. He said, ‘I’m tired of hearing other people say
I should be compassionate. It’s like a buzz word that people are using and they don’t really know what it means or how to use it’.     I found some truth in what he said.  I have witnessed others, out of polite social behavior, be nice to those they deem in unfortunate circumstances or pain and call that compassion.  Could that be false acceptance?  Could that be empowering a victim to depend on your kindness rather than empower a victim to pull themselves up out of their circumstances into self-power?
This is the bullshit he was talking about. That is NOT compassion.
Compassion derives from a deep understanding of another person’s suffering or problems. We get it.   We are in touch with all the ways in which we suffer and we know how difficult it can be to disengage when our beliefs about our circumstances are so strong.

Sun in Virgo is about health, hygiene, discrimination, discernment, perfectionism — nagging, daily routines.  Could there be a really fussy side of us (or someone we know) that demands perfection?  Who is highly critical of your spiritual side or your intuition? Is there a part of yourself that doesn’t trust your intuition?  Or you get so caught up in being perfect that you can’t deal with those deeper feelings and binge on ice cream or pizza or drugs or alcohol?  In addition, with Virgo being so meticulous and critical, we could spend most of the day cleaning, running errands, exercising and falling flat on our faces in exhaustion — or we could spend our time addicted to one thing or another or losing ourselves in the spiritual world and losing our grounding.

The adjustment is about creating balance between our daily routine and our spiritual life.  We balance out our need for perfection and busyness with our messy emotions and/or our spiritual practice.

If Moon conjunct Neptune is taking you away on a wild fantasy or paranoid delusion, or emotional mess or an invitation to something that sounds too good to be true — don’t criticize it, don’t ignore it, don’t overeat or over medicate.   Be still and use the discrimination of the Virgo Sun to discern the vibes.  Eat healthy, exercise.

Moon is quincunx Venus — so take a look at where you might be involved with someone — a female friend, co-worker, or your mother – in which there is an imbalance in what is healthy nurturing vs enmeshment or unhealthy boundaries.

The Full Moon sextile Pluto provides harmony between our intuition (Moon in Pisces) and our investigave powers (Pluto in Capricorn). Capricorn lends structure and
practicality to Pisces boundary-less state. We can uncover some deeply suppressed emotions, pull out the rotten roots, and really begin to heal ourselves or a relationship
that has gone asunder.
We still have the trine with Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Sag.  We add Mercury in Leo for a grand trine — but soon Mercury will move on to Virgo.   This is a perfect opportunity to revolutionize the structure of our lives to see the big picture.  We might even find the courage to try new things and experiment so we can evolve our mind and our lives.

Let’s do a recap:  Be still and listen to your intuition.  Allow your suppressed emotions to arise and care for yourself in healthy ways.  Set healthy boundaries, be clear about what you want — it’s amazing how just being still and present is a revolutionary action in itself.

Until next time —