Astrology and Life

The birth chart is a snapshot of the planets positions at the time of your birth – we can call this snapshot the DNA of a momentary position in space and time – a macrocosmic event – that we, then, translate on a microcosmic level by drafting a chart of those planet’s placements.

One could argue the story of these planets – as if they were arguing the validity of the purpose of your birth here on earth.  We could argue the story of how human beings first appeared and then evolved – we could argue your personal story – yet, why do that?  Why argue the story of who you are when you can discover who you are through many different paths and ways – astrology is only one way –  I can share many ways – so the question isn’t what is the right way or the true way as a whole – it is the right or true way that resonates best for you.

So, what about all those laws people keep talking about, like law of attraction and law of polarity and that law and this law – well, it is all a part of a bigger picture and at the same time – a part of the smaller picture.  We might get into that later.

The astrology chart is not WHO you are – it’s the energy you have come to express – or the likelihood or potentiality that you may express your energy in this way or that way.

The greatest gift you have is the gift of choice – we are not just physical beings in a 3rd dimensional reality living moment to moment – we have an awareness of ourselves through space and time – we know we can think positively or negatively – we innately know how to live our best lives – and now we can become aware of the very real ability to choose that life.

We’ve always had choice – we just didn’t know how the abundant amount of freedom we have to do so.  We usually find ourselves locked to certain patterns of a conditioned kind – and then we have our physical body to contend with – which further complicates the equation – so, we use astrology as a tool to understand and guide us to our best selves – not as the self – we all know deep inside who we are and what we want to do – we know our own light.

We can use the planetary system as a guide to understand that –

Are you wanting more freedom and independence?  Do you want to create your own way?  Or do you want more intimacy and connection?  Do you want to share with others and have more responsibility?  Or do you want to move away from responsibility toward more freedom?  Do you want to belong more without losing your individuality?  Are you stubborn or flexible?  Are you more of an action taker?  Are you more focused on yourself or others?

It’s all there in astrology – actually – it’s all there within YOU.

Thanks for reading – and see you soon.

What paths have worked for you?  What is your experience with astrology and conscious evolution?  I look forward to hear your responses!


Sun in Aries


aries-1573435_960_720The purpose each individual expresses has a consciousness behind it that imbues all the individual is to become in this lifetime.

When the sun is in Aries you are here to learn how to become a unique individual with a strong sense of self.  It is important for you to be independent and follow your own voice to listen to the beat of your own drum.  You are the consciousness of courage and self-reliance.  You are here to develop a strong self-identity separate from other people.  This does make you a leader – you lead the way rather than leading others –

Think of the ram that has an amazing sense of balance and can climb rocky ridges – you are a risk-taker. Be careful of the risks you take because you could rush into things without thinking and have to clean up the mess later.

Sun in Aries is a masculine sign – this means that you are exerting your energy outward – just as the sun shines during the day – you are out there in the world taking action in a dynamic, forceful and driven manner – which can also cause you to push your energy onto others or push your SELF onto others.  These ideas and beliefs and expressions are for YOU and you alone to manifest.  This is how you develop yourself as a separate and unique being.  Of course, we have to look at how the other planets are expressing themselves and what their needs are.

As a fire sign you have a lot of energy to burn and can be quite active.

Mars rules Aries – and so there is a passion for action and movement—you can’t sit still. Just as the terrain of Mars is hot and dry – you must take care to not overdo it and become overheated.

You can come across in a brusque or crass manner and one lesson to learn is managing your anger when you don’t get your way – transmute your anger into love – unconditional love — as you are becoming a person who is separate and independent from others it may come as a surprise that other people have their own way so be careful of expecting them to do as you do.    Instead of expecting other people to follow through you need to follow through with your own unique, pioneering ideas – Aries is a maverick – and has the energy in this lifetime to develop that unique spark into the world.

Aries key word is ‘I AM’ – I am a fulfilled, independent, unique and separate individual who thrives in taking dynamic action on his/her pioneering ideas.

The key is to remain secure in your self – and to honor that security and uniqueness in other people.


Thank you for reading –

Is your Sun in Aries? Did you resonate with this? Please respond in the comments and let us hear about your unique experience as a Sun in Aries – is there something you experience that isn’t in the information above?  Please share

Urgency of Purpose

The last few days I have felt an Urgent need to fulfill my purpose.  Am I doing it?  Is it working?  Why am I still in the same rut I was when I last wrote about how to find your purpose?  I’d like to take a closer look at this urgency through the lens of astrology.  It’s a perfect metaphor for diving deeper into self.

Some of this urgency is colored by the recent full moon in Aries — a sign that is all about acting on impulse — Aries is the beginning of spring and the impulse to be outside and run through the fields without wearing shoes — or maybe you’ll do it nude — who cares if anyone is watching?

But purpose — purpose seems to be harder for us to fulfill than it is to identify an impulse — or could that impulse have hidden within it the seed of purpose wanting to fulfill and express itself into the world?

In astrology, the Sun sign you were born under is your purpose in this life.  It is the energy you came here to express – and we can use the Sun and your Sun sign as a metaphor to help explain this.

The Sun is composed of extremely hot gases of up to 10,000 degrees F and its main purpose is to support all life.  The gases intermingle with one another to generate energy that then work its way to the surface.  This energy provides light so we can see all that we can’t see when it’s dark.  The Sun also sustains life through mingling with plants and trees to create photosynthesis. Just as the Sun fulfills its purpose through nature — we individuals fulfill our purpose in a similar fashion — how we express that light will effect those we come into contact with — to assist in the well-being and growth of every individual.

So, the light that shines from you is how you shine your light out in the world.  This light will be at the backdrop of all that you are –

Depending on other factors in your chart — aspects, house and element placements — there may be blocks to expressing that energy — which is all about the lessons we’ve come here to learn —

Back to this urgency of purpose expressing itself — this urgency feels like an impulse — an impulse that a flower bud has right before it is about to burst open — it wants to flower and the petals are stuck —

Is this stuck feeling a sign that you are not ready to blossom?  Or is it that you have been so ready and the stuck feeling is that you haven’t done much about it?

No matter what, your purpose is always shining through — you can’t help but express it in all you do —

How does your Sun express itself?

Stay tuned for more on the Sun signs and their expressions …

Daily Prompt: Urgent

What’s your life purpose?

Do you wake up in the morning and wonder, ‘what is the point’?  You work a job you don’t like, you wake up way too early, and you keep asking yourself the question: Is it Friday yet?

You know that you are meant to something great.  You know there is more to life than this stinking job.  You just don’t know what it is or how to get it.

If only you knew what your purpose was, you’d be a happy camper.

Many people confuse their purpose in life with a job or career.  We look for a role to fit comfortably in, identify with that role, and believe that role is our purpose.

It is not.

My purpose isn’t to write articles all day long every day.  My purpose isn’t to serve coffee, sell clothes, park cars, answer phones, push papers, type or trade commodities.

Purpose is not a role you play, a company you work for or something you do.  Purpose is not your passion or a goal to attain.

So, if that’s not purpose, then what is?

Purpose is the drive behind what you do; it is the ‘why’ of your existence. Purpose is what you stand for.

How do you find what that drive is?

Take out a piece of paper or create new word document and write a list of what is most important to you.

Here are some questions to help you get started:

What makes you jump out of bed in the morning?  What gives your life meaning? What makes you smile? What causes you to love or give more?  What causes you to connect with other people? Why do you want to live this life?

Think of purpose like the breath that gives you life.  The purpose of breathing is to keep you alive (for starters). How do you keep yourself alive?  By breathing.

After you find your purpose, you then want to decide in what way you’re going to express that purpose.  This is your mission: what you’re going to do and for whom you’re going to do it for.

Example: Starbucks.  Their purpose is to inspire and nurture the human spirit.  How they are going to do that is one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time.

Deciding what kind of job you are going to do (mission) and why you’re doing what you do (purpose) will really help direct you toward finding a job that is meaningful for you.  It will be easier to reach those goals you have for yourself.

What is your purpose?  Share your thoughts, ideas and life examples in the comment section. Look to the left and up.  Click on ‘Leave a Comment’.