Are you tired of the noise?

Hello and blessings to all of you.  Are you suffering from noise-itis? (inflammation of noise).

NOISE is a part of our everyday life from the moment our alarm wakes us up in the morning to the water that gushes out of the shower head, and to our feet gently touching the floor beneath us.


There is traffic, music, other people talking, appliance noise, your fingers hitting the keys
on your keypad, the phone ringing — the loud voice of your spouse — you get it.

Noise is everywhere.

How does noise affect you?  Some of us become irritated by noise and some of us
become overwhelmed.

You might have heard or read that your feelings of overwhelm, irritation, energy drain and the resulting isolation are due to a psychically sensitive nature.
You might have heard or felt that you are like a ‘sponge’ that soaks up all the energetic clutter around you.

Once you find a label to your problem you begin to identify with that label.  You place yourself into a box — ‘I can’t go there or do that because I’m too psychically sensitive, I’m a sponge, I’m an empath’  so that who you are is now a crutch and you play victim to your world.

These labels separate us from our truth and we begin to live a limited existence.
It is difficult to evolve when we are stuck in a box.

What is really going on here?

Inner noise.  That’s right.  You are suffering from too much inner noise.  It is time to reduce that inner noise.

If you are suffering from trauma-related diagnosis PTSD or acute stress, I recommend you seek out a counselor, psychologist, or social worker who is knowledgeable about trauma-related issues.

I offer a few suggestions to get you started if you haven’t the funds to seek out a counselor.
First thing you want to do is GROUND yourself by creating a safe place.

1. Deep breathing — if you have symptoms of PTSD your fight or flight system is in overdrive. Deep breathing for about 10 minutes will relax your body
and give a signal to your system to relax.
2. Self-soothe — curl up in bed with a good book, do yin yoga, get a massage, take a hot bath, drink tea, spend time with supportive friends… gently mother yourself.

Okay, now, if you don’t have symptom of trauma and you’re still an ’empath’ and, if you want to continue to mow the noise right out of your mind — here is what to do.

1. Clear the noise in your head — meditation, spending time in nature, attention
2. Build up your subtle energy body — yoga, exercise, right eating for your body —  your subtle energy body are the layers of energy around your body starting with the etheric body.  These layers become weak with poor eating habits, emotional issues, etc.
3. See a doctor — to ensure all systems are operating well (thyroid, hormones, etc) — when our hormones are out of whack, we are out of whack. We can be irritated
depressed, brain fog, gain weight, etc.

4. Energy Clearing – it is helpful to release all the energy you take in from the day by doing your favorite energy clearing protocols.  Here is one I like: picture a grounding chord from the bottom of your tail bone through the center of the earth.  Imagine all the energy that is not yours to drain down this grounding chord.  The earth below will take care of the energy.  Give permission for that energy to flow out.  Also, deep breathing and yoga is a way to clear your energy and even a walk in nature or walking barefoot on the earth.

5. Energy protection:  I am on the fence when it comes to energy protection.  The best protection is authenticity — however, sometimes, we just need a raincoat (if you know what I mean) — so here is a pretty good protective visualization taught to me years ago. Do this before you leave your house or when you know you will be dealing with ‘too much exterior energetic noise’ :

  • Imagine a gold band of light circling your entire body from the bottom of your feet to the top of your head.
  • Imagine rings of light circling your body from the bottom of your feet to the top of your head.  Picture these lights as large as your aura about 10 ft.  Imagine millions of them surrounding your body.
  • Ask your spirit guides and guardians to surround your body like a protective cloak.

It will take daily commitment and time for change and conscious evolution to occur.  Do not give up!  NO matter what!  If you are confronted with lack of energy or enthusiasm use that to pick yourself up and do your practice, regardless.

The way to begin is to choose one activity (deep breathing, meditation, walking in nature, yoga, exercise) and do that one activity at least 15 minutes everyday.  You can increase that time by 5 minutes each week.

Once you realize that noise is totally under your control, you will be feeling a pervading sense of peace.

Be Well! sunmandala

Evolving and Understanding our Moon

The Moon is merely a reflection of the Sun’s light.  We cannot have the Moon without the Sun, the masculine without the feminine, or our past without our future.  The challenge is to unite our past and our future so we are living fully in the present moment.  The Moon, as all other planets, supports our purpose and guides us toward that purpose.

Sometimes, we may not be fully living in our Sun’s light; we are living and expressing ourselves predominately through another planet.  When this happens we are expressing the elements of that planet more than we are any other planet.   We, then, become misaligned or out of balance when we let one planet lead the way over all the others.  It happens to everyone but not everyone admits it.  No one is alone in this, please know this deep fact.  The grass is only greener on the other side because of our perception – not because the grass is actually greener.

The Moon is our past, our habits, our emotional patterns, our unconscious, our need to receive emotional security, our mother, our sense of belonging, our fears, how we instinctually react – and all of these elements hold us back from fulfilling our purpose and standing in the light of our Sun’s rays.

We all have baggage to varying degrees and, therefore, got shit to work on.  No big deal, right?

We want to begin to understand how we unconsciously operate so we start to embody the more helpful and healthful ways of expressing ourselves.  This starts with awareness of our unhelpful or maladaptive patterns and elements that hold us back and cause us unhappiness.  With that awareness, comes responsibility – and we look to our Saturn for that piece.

It’s much easier to blame someone else for our lot in life, isn’t it?  When we do blame, does that change our lot in life?  We still have shit to deal with so we better start dealing, right?

The ways that I have found helpful and would like to impart this knowledge to you is thus:

  1. Meditation – when you commit to a daily practice of meditation you become aware of your thoughts and thought patterns, your physical sensations and emotions
  2. Identify triggers –
    1. situations – what situations trigger ‘negative’ thoughts or emotions?
    2. thoughts – what thoughts are arising? What thought patterns do you notice?
    3. emotions – what are you feeling in response to these situational triggers and thoughts?

When we have an emotional response, we will notice that we start thinking about that or have some sort of judgment about that emotion.  These thoughts increase the intensity of the emotions.  So, our thoughts are a light switch that increases or decreases the amount of intensity of emotion.

3. Nutrition – the Moon is about how we get our nutritional and emotional needs met. So, when we are eating a balanced diet this supports a healthy functioning body and supports our emotions.  Correct nutrition balances our mood, excites the right chemicals and supports our emotional well-being.  When we are not eating well, we feel irritated, ungrounded, heavy, etc.   The key is eating a good portion of vegetables, protein, carbs, fruit and fats.

4. Intuition – we begin to access our intuition in deeper ways through meditation and eating a balanced diet. We all have intuition.   We all have a place in which we ‘hear’ the decisions we need to make in any situation.  We will feel it in our body.  It will not be our mind, yet our mind will interpret that response and, perhaps, talk us out of it. Focus on building intuition.

This is our Moon work.

Our intuition, balanced nutritional health, identifying and restructuring our thoughts and thought patterns, emotional triggers and emotions, and meditation support us as we move forward to fulfill our purpose: the glorious light of our Sun sign.

Full Moon in Cancer — Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

Full Moon Shine in Cancer – 22 degrees –6:33AM

Get Ready for Ch-ch-ch-changes – they are coming.  Exciting times are ahead of us!

This upcoming full Moon in Cancer will be making a Grand Cardinal Cross in the sky – with opposition of Sun/Pluto in Capricorn, Jupiter in Libra and Uranus in Aries.  A grand cross happens in the sky when four planets square one another – 90 degree angles.  These four planets are also in opposition to another planet – 180 degree angle.  This type of configuration creates tension and challenge.  The opposition lends an either/or scenario – something is separated and opposed.  Cardinal means – ACTION!  During this Mercury retrograde, we have had plenty of time to reflect and now we can take action to resolve the tension.  Changes are afoot with this configuration and unexpected change at that.

The moon is at home in Cancer – and with the backdrop of the constellation Gemini – differing opinions (been going on in the world for quite some time) these opposing opinions could turn into arguments – when your security is threatened, what do you do? Do you react in a way that causes a shit storm – or do you have good mediation skills?  We could use our skills of reflection and mindfulness (you’ve been practicing, right?) – we know what we feel, we know how to cope and consciously we can intend to take the right action.

Now, with this grand cardinal square we have some helpers to make the emotional tension bearable  – we’ve got Neptune conjunct Venus which is a wonderful aspect for romance and adventure – music, poetry – art – and idealism.  This aspect is making a biquintile with the Full Moon – so a talent for lifting our mood is to create, create, create – listen to your favorite music, write some poetry, go see a movie or to an art gallery.  Get thee to the art house now!

We have Mars trine the Moon and sextile Sun – Saturn sextile Jupiter and Saturn trine Uranus.

We can harmonize our actions with our emotions by bringing attention to our intentions.  Saturn sextile Jupiter puts the brakes on overdoing it – even though the Moon in Cancer will want comfort and security – we have to push ourselves past our comfort zone – Cancer is about emotional security.  Playing it safe keeps us stuck in past conditioning – Instead of writing this blog, I could sit on the sofa and eat bon bons and pizza all night while watching re-runs of Doctor Who (which isn’t that bad of an idea) – or I could do something more productive that pushes me out of my comfort zone – could it be vlogging instead of blogging?

We also have Saturn trine Uranus – so if we focus on grounding ourselves in our bodies – we can limit the amount of shock waves that run through us.  If you’ve ever practiced deep breathing or meditation – over time this practice makes conflict easier to deal with – and more present and grounded.

Try this loving kindness meditation during your full moon ritual.

Loving Kindness Meditation

Find Your Neutral

Are you feeling out of sorts?  Can’t gain any clarity?  Are you unable to stop ruminating about a situation or a person’s behavior?  Well, look no further —

I came across this very simple meditation/visualization to share with you that induces a state of clarity. This visualization was created by Colette Baron-Reid –you can check her out by clicking on her name. This is a free meditation I received through an email subscription — I’m going to share this meditation/visualization with you —

I’m tweaking it a bit.

Before you make a decision, access your intuitive guidance system or an oracle (Tarot for example) you want to be in a state of neutrality —

Remaining neutral means that you have no view or strong feeling either way in or regarding a conflict or disagreement —

It’s really hard to make a clear decision when you are in an emotional frenzy.

Just imagine what happens when you blow an emotional gasket — It’s like a dragon Scorched the land and a few people in its midst.  You feel a sense of relief — the people in your life do not feel relieved.

Here goes (it’s my version of Colette’s meditation):

1. Sit in a comfortable position — with your feet on the floor. Close your eyes.
2. Take three slow, deep breaths. You will find your body relaxing.
3. Identify how you feel — sometimes you feel sensations in your body and can’t identify an emotion —
let the sensations guide you to an emotion — are you angry? Sad? Upset? Anxious? Afraid?
4. What does this emotion look like? Imagine what the emotion looks like — what do you see?
5. Do you like it there? Do you want to stay there? Does it feel good? Most likely NO! You don’t want to be there
it’s pretty uncomfortable!
6. Imagine a mythical bird fly out of the sky — a helpful mythical bird big enough to support your weight and what does this bird look like? What message does this bird have
for you? Take note of this.
7. Now, you are going to hop on top of this bird — and this benevolent bird is going to fly into the blue sky and all you see around you is blue sky.
Look around you at the blue sky —
8. Look below to where you were and to the emotion that had trapped you — what does it look like now that you are high in the sky?
You will feel different —
9. You can use this meditation anytime you are feeling the need to find a state of neutrality and peace.

I started this meditation off feeling extremely irritated and impulsively wanted to tell a few people off.  That’s never a good sign — your mind convinces you it is the BEST idea ever to tell someone off– but trust me — it is the WORST idea.  Don’t buy into your own bullshit!

When I completed the meditation, I felt relaxed (parasympathetic nervous system reset) — I was able to see the situations and people for what they were (someone else’s situation — someone else’s problem).  I just got entangled in trying to unravel it!  Can anyone say co-dependent three times backwards?  Really fast?

What did I do?  Nothing.

If something was important enough to say — then this would be a good time to use wise mind communication style (assertive communication) — to address an issue — no one wants to be a doormat —


Thank you for reading.

If you try this meditation/visualization — tell me how you felt before and after — what do you do to find  your neutral and a sense of clarity?  I’d love to hear from you.