Are you tired of the noise?

Hello and blessings to all of you.  Are you suffering from noise-itis? (inflammation of noise).

NOISE is a part of our everyday life from the moment our alarm wakes us up in the morning to the water that gushes out of the shower head, and to our feet gently touching the floor beneath us.


There is traffic, music, other people talking, appliance noise, your fingers hitting the keys
on your keypad, the phone ringing — the loud voice of your spouse — you get it.

Noise is everywhere.

How does noise affect you?  Some of us become irritated by noise and some of us
become overwhelmed.

You might have heard or read that your feelings of overwhelm, irritation, energy drain and the resulting isolation are due to a psychically sensitive nature.
You might have heard or felt that you are like a ‘sponge’ that soaks up all the energetic clutter around you.

Once you find a label to your problem you begin to identify with that label.  You place yourself into a box — ‘I can’t go there or do that because I’m too psychically sensitive, I’m a sponge, I’m an empath’  so that who you are is now a crutch and you play victim to your world.

These labels separate us from our truth and we begin to live a limited existence.
It is difficult to evolve when we are stuck in a box.

What is really going on here?

Inner noise.  That’s right.  You are suffering from too much inner noise.  It is time to reduce that inner noise.

If you are suffering from trauma-related diagnosis PTSD or acute stress, I recommend you seek out a counselor, psychologist, or social worker who is knowledgeable about trauma-related issues.

I offer a few suggestions to get you started if you haven’t the funds to seek out a counselor.
First thing you want to do is GROUND yourself by creating a safe place.

1. Deep breathing — if you have symptoms of PTSD your fight or flight system is in overdrive. Deep breathing for about 10 minutes will relax your body
and give a signal to your system to relax.
2. Self-soothe — curl up in bed with a good book, do yin yoga, get a massage, take a hot bath, drink tea, spend time with supportive friends… gently mother yourself.

Okay, now, if you don’t have symptom of trauma and you’re still an ’empath’ and, if you want to continue to mow the noise right out of your mind — here is what to do.

1. Clear the noise in your head — meditation, spending time in nature, attention
2. Build up your subtle energy body — yoga, exercise, right eating for your body —  your subtle energy body are the layers of energy around your body starting with the etheric body.  These layers become weak with poor eating habits, emotional issues, etc.
3. See a doctor — to ensure all systems are operating well (thyroid, hormones, etc) — when our hormones are out of whack, we are out of whack. We can be irritated
depressed, brain fog, gain weight, etc.

4. Energy Clearing – it is helpful to release all the energy you take in from the day by doing your favorite energy clearing protocols.  Here is one I like: picture a grounding chord from the bottom of your tail bone through the center of the earth.  Imagine all the energy that is not yours to drain down this grounding chord.  The earth below will take care of the energy.  Give permission for that energy to flow out.  Also, deep breathing and yoga is a way to clear your energy and even a walk in nature or walking barefoot on the earth.

5. Energy protection:  I am on the fence when it comes to energy protection.  The best protection is authenticity — however, sometimes, we just need a raincoat (if you know what I mean) — so here is a pretty good protective visualization taught to me years ago. Do this before you leave your house or when you know you will be dealing with ‘too much exterior energetic noise’ :

  • Imagine a gold band of light circling your entire body from the bottom of your feet to the top of your head.
  • Imagine rings of light circling your body from the bottom of your feet to the top of your head.  Picture these lights as large as your aura about 10 ft.  Imagine millions of them surrounding your body.
  • Ask your spirit guides and guardians to surround your body like a protective cloak.

It will take daily commitment and time for change and conscious evolution to occur.  Do not give up!  NO matter what!  If you are confronted with lack of energy or enthusiasm use that to pick yourself up and do your practice, regardless.

The way to begin is to choose one activity (deep breathing, meditation, walking in nature, yoga, exercise) and do that one activity at least 15 minutes everyday.  You can increase that time by 5 minutes each week.

Once you realize that noise is totally under your control, you will be feeling a pervading sense of peace.

Be Well! sunmandala